Sunday, May 01, 2005

Medley ...

I was reading an article in the The New Indian Express about the loss of freedom of the press and media in the US not because of state control but because of the complete control of news by large conglomerates and corporate houses - thus twisting and limiting the news only for the sake of competition and catering to the targetted audiences; it ends up becoming pure entertainment not information or thought provoking reports, but dumbed down; the state's manipulation tactics is also prevalent, as during the Iraq war coverages ... 'Embedded Journalism'. The dismal scene of media may percolate on to the Indian scene too, as only the middle classes are targetted in all channels 'the class capable of paying and shopping and with the maximum buying power' and those facts or issues that need to be focussed on will get blacked out - because there is actually no audience for them, because they cannot actually are of not much use or pay no returns, the objective and investigative (not Tehelka style sensasionalism) nature of journalism may be dying out.

2) Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam by Guru Dutt on going on Doordarshan - some stunning black and white visuals and interplay of shadows and lights.

3) I had another series of questions for you, as you are reading this blog . . .
I am thinking if I should buy a digicam. As it is easier than the manual style which requires the film roll and gving it for development and all that hassles so I am hardly using the Kodak Kroma that we bought some time back.
What would be a good range (price and quality wise) - I want something thats not too costly probably withing Rs.(INR) 6000 approx $125 or so . . . I was seeing the Sony site today. Costly stuff ...
What are the other things that I need to keep in mind - the MegaPixels supported? It works on AA type cells or some extra Li-Ion batteries - the chargers are part of the package right ? How about transferring to the PC, is it through the USB port ? What about the memory sticks etc... All these questions floating around in my mind.

4) Some literary blogs here :

5) Currently reading the 'The Management of Time' by James T McCay which I pulled out of the library at office ...

It is a good read especially talks of increasing alertness save ebnergy and constatntly keep upgrading knowledge. Two main things that he says need to be kept away from - 'Criticism' and 'Defensiveness' ... Half way through the book.

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