Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Forgotten Hero not released

The movie Subhash Chandra Bose - The Forgotten Hero by Shyam Benegal was not premiered as planned in Kolkata, on 5th May and the 6th May release was stalled, I am not sure if it is yet running as I did not see any ads in newspapers etc. Some deponents of the Mukherjee Commission of Inquiry, inquiring into Netaji's disappearance, are opposing the release of the film in current form. This seems mindless - as the essence of the movie is to inspire people and portray his life of undauntable courage and determination as a fearless leader - he was human nevertheless.
Update: "We just do not want to give a chance for violence," Benegal said, adding that he and film producers Sahara Motion Pictures postponed the release to May 13 from May 6 - Gulf Daily News

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Currently listening: The brilliant song 'Kadam Kadam Badhaye Jaa' , which was the marching song of the INA. Vijay Prakash and Mumbai Film Choir have given a splendid soulstirring rendition - simply superb. 'Ghoomparani' and 'Desh Ki Mitti' are also very well rendered - the latter being very evocative of fond memories and the pathos of being away from one's motherland.
Most of the other songs are good - some details here :
'Bose - The Forgotten Hero' music is Intensely Patriotic


  1. The congress government at centre is terminating the tenure of the Justice Mukherjee commission on the grounds that the probe into Netajis death is a waste of public money and a burden on the public. Whatz ur opinion on this?

  2. The Mukherjee commission inquiry has been extended by another period of 6 months - anyway it is futile now - it might as well be concluded. He certainly is not alive - but whatever details could be extracted in this period is worthwhile.

  3. I don't know why the hell we waste so much time and money to find out details about Subhash Bose's death, and that too after so many years.
    If anything, I would like to see some real good footage being given to him in our history books, and I would for once like to see someone write about the fact that the Nation's Daddy MKG actually said once 'Sitaramayya's deffeat is my defeat', when SCB won the Congress president's post for the second time (defeating Pattabhi Sitaramaiyya) by a landslide.