Friday, January 28, 2011

Vodka please?

Shamit Bagchi

Delhi Winters and Art

Straight out of fashion houses!
Delhi's folks have a dressing sense that's impeccable
Inspires you too to don anew ...

Art circles mix with social circles.
Vodka and wine flow... 
I gather the 'nasha' from the artworks though.

Cold, chilly winds, 
Send shivers down the skin
I gaze around, warming myself.

The cycle rickshaw with the auto
Taxi and Metro, signal
The two worlds apart, side by side.

Delhi Metro is speedy quick.
Time saved, time well-spent.
Bengaluru Namma Metro soon ...

Video, New media art, sound and installation
Colors, style and passion 
Art, artists and art buyers...

Flights are always delayed in Delhi
Every time I have experienced - without a fail.
Good bye Delhi, A good buy...that piece of art, valued at a few lakhs.

Delhi Winters and Art - II

I'd rather showoff!
The exterior matters most!
Who cares what's within?

Art whether I understand it or not
I like it! Put it up in my house.
Thats why I buy...

What were you expecting 
25 degrees celcius in January?
In Delhi? You fool!

Yeah so there are two worlds
Dont state the obvious
Be oblivious, enjoy the Metro ride!

Art is evolving, with the times
And the mood of the people.
Contemporary - no longer new age...

You want to get back to Bengaluru 
As fast as you can? The pleasant weather beckons
Warm it feels when I reach back at 1 AM - BIAL.

Delhi Winters and Art - III

Sheila Deewani is from Darbhanga
She runs a gallery there,
She is soft spoken and gorgeous!

Ritu Jawaani is from Delhi - runs a gallery here.
She has an obnoxious tongue.
She is always busy (with nothing too of course)

Maybe really busy, I have a biased view you see
Ritu is definitely less 'hot' than Sheila, 
Perhaps thats why the irksomeness in her demeanor, lesser male gaze.
They are working together on a project.

Welcome to the art world, Vodka Sir?

Then there's Mrs Extravaganza, from Saucewitsch, Germany
She finds irksome that students are spending time at her well done up art stall at the art fair
3rd world country houseflies... She'd bat them if she could. 
Instead she frets and fumes...

The chubby grey haired daughter
Of a famous artist from the Bengal school of Art
Seems happy in oblivion, not the least bit bothered
By the lack of attention...

We always sell online I get admonished
What are you talking about?
How will I sell art in foreign countries without high-res jpegs?

Talks and risque jokes,
Writers and speakers, a cocktail of voices
Onlookers and the art enthusiasts!!

There is a buzz from a sculpture made up of a thousand or more mikes
A fluorescent green chappal shaped installation talking about use of condoms
A mini train chuggs along as yet another exhibit.

From the absurd to the sublime... It's Delhi Art time!

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