Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dhonuk conducts fine arts events at IIMB Culfest Unmaad 2011

22 January at 11:00 - 23 January at 19:00

LocationIIM Bangalore Campus, Banerghatta Road

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Dhonuk is an online ecosystem for art lovers, art enthusiasts and artists with an in-built online social network.
It provides an online space for creativity in the arts, and a platform to connect the artist and the artsumer (art consumer - organizational or individual)! Letting artists share, showcase, interact, learn, collaborate. Acting as a repository of fresh, interesting art content and an energetic ecosystem - it can be consumed for free. Customized or premium content is paid for! We facilitate this monetization of the content.

Among the various events being organized by Dhonuk at Unmaad 2011 are:

An art exhibition involving some very creative artists affiliated to Dhonuk including Anand Bedrala (Acrylic, Oil) and Kiran Kumari (Acrylic, Pen, Oil), Usha Nithyananda (Watercolors, Oils) and Murali A (Oils, Acryclic). Select artwork will be on display and available for sale.

Caricature Camp - Caricaturists Raghupathi Sringeri and Satish Sringeri who are known for their cartoons in the dailies and for their caricatures will do caricatures on the spot and also discuss about art and the wit and humour involved in cartoons!

An Art Jam will be where multiple artists will come together to work live on the spot on a series of independent artwork and a joint artwork on a canvas. This will be involving Dhonuk artists in association with Penjciljam - an art training organization.


Dhonuk & Developing your Creativity Quotient - Towards a new CMM - Creativity Maturity Module for organizations !!

Shamit Bagchi, founder Dhonuk and a research associate at IIM Bangalore will talk about the journey of having started up Dhonuk. What motivated him to move out of his cushy IT job - the passion, the pull and then the final decision. The talk will also elaborate on what creativity entails, how organizations can utilize the creative potential of their employees better and why it was felt that a Dhonuk like online platform was missing in the Indian Art ecosystem.


Artistic Photography Workshop by Vamsi Krishna - The workshop will mainly focus on artistic lan
dscape photography covering aspects of composition, colours and depth.

There will also be a short talk about composing images in a controlled environment – still life, flowers etc. How to process images using Photoshop to get the colours in case of colour artwork and the shades in case of B&W. (I’d like to know if I could get my laptop to the workshop)

The pre-requisites for attending the workshop would be:
The participant should know the basic features of a prosumer/SLR camera. It is recommended the participant own a prosumer/SLR camera to understand the concept better. I will be getting my equipment also.

A short graphic novel created jointly by a Dhonuk artist and writer as part of the new area of content creation that Dhonuk is pursuing will be on sale at the venue.

ABOUT DHONUK: http://www.dhonuk.com/page/about-dhonuk
More details - on Unmaad: www.unmaad.com/dhonuk.php
Unmaad on Dhonuk: http://www.dhonuk.com/page/iimb-unmaad-2011

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