Saturday, January 15, 2011

Development: A conundrum & its effects...

How is it that places such as US/Europe/MiddleEast/Japan 'developed' (as in material and consumer terms) like crazy - is it industrial revolution as a result of scientific spirit and the agency theory? 

Why has Africa/Asia not been that 'successful' or gung ho - is it because of subjugation of their populace by imperialist forces? Or was it a conscious decision? Some even put forth racial/genetic reasons, climate etc which I dont think is true. And are we now getting sucked in -  blindly following the West - taking the same damned route - these are making me think ....

We just follow MIT - Harvard Biz School and want to settle down in US etc. since we are able to get a 'good life' there? Am wondering... why this is so. 

Many are saying the 1991 liberalization in India has actually caused immense damage and increased the gap between have nots (life is tougher now) and haves in India due to the skewed development. However majority beneficiaries will not agree.

It is one thing to utilize the best resources and facilities (opportunistic/each takes care of themselves so everyone is happy story) - however what about the future? All the environmental devastation is now being replaced with 'green' tech - needed maybe, but in the first place greedy industrialization created all the devastation. A capitalist mindset, rapacious mindset from the time man had machines.

Some shining feats of engineering and technological marvels have come to the fore. However has it reached levels inhuman now? The workers and the managers - always way apart in all terms. Education itself again is like a means or a ticket to riches, is that the reason for education - standardized minds as output.  

And what about the recent financial mess... We cannot conveniently forget - something is to be changed in the system as a whole! Learning financial complex jugglery is fine when these financial instruments wreak havoc in the economy - isn't something wrong with the logic behind it all?

Qualified minds need to consciously think of reforms (which I am sure they are capable of) rather than use the same textbook formulas (with deep flaws) to continue running an ailing system - although this is easier due to the instant benefits available (milking the system). The rules are created by the people who can get richer by implementing them - finding economic value in everything and an economic angle to everything is quite obnoxious.

And the statement that I remember distinctly from Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park - We can only destroy ourselves (species) and not the world! Where are we going - greed and speed - the fatal keywords!

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