Saturday, June 17, 2006

Portugal beat Iran 2:0


Lots of visible talent in this Portuguese side - Ronaldo, Miguel, Deko and Figo. The 21-year old namesake of the more illustrous Ronaldo from Brazil is currently doing much better and seems to possess skills for some amazing footwork and a speed to match - a player to look out for. The shot from Deko that went into the goal like a bullet from a distance of some 30 feet in the 63rd minute and the 80th minute penallty success by Ronaldo helped beat the Iranians. But not without some good offence from the Iran team, they have a clutch of good players and had chances aplenty some so close to a goal, that it is sad that they could not convert. The players from the nation in conflict would be going back home after their next match with Angola.

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