Saturday, June 10, 2006

Here comes the Football season.

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Wow ! What a way to kickoff the World Cup 2006, the opening match between Germany and Costa Rica was an absolute treat with each of those six goals. The last German goal was a stunner having been struck from such a long distance, leaving the goalie dazed and staring unbelievably, after the unsuccessful dive towards his left. The first goal too was a beauty - the superb curl from the left by the German Lahm, the ball striking the post and slipping inside, in a flash. The Costa-Ricans were never fully out of the game and attacked well, however both sides seemed to have weak defences. The ball seems very very light these days - would love to play with such a ball - if I get a chance; reminded of those days when I was the striker + captain, in school (12th std to be precise - you have to believe me, locate and ask my classmates if you don't). Was too tired to catch the next one between the Poles and Ecuador at 12:30 am. The kind of interest and energy the FIFA World Cup tournament can infuse is enormous. Call it a global energy switch - right now switched on !

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