Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

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I was wondering, is this the same Tom Hanks that I saw in 'The Terminal' ? He acts cold in the role of an expert symbologist Robert Langdon and yet tries to act funny at times - never manages to connect to the audience. The acting from Audrey Tautou (playing Sophie Nevue) is better, more natural and the person who plays Captain Fasche has on display a controlled emotion througout. Ian McKellen playing 'Leigh Teabing' tries to portray the quintessential British expert and succeeds only to an extent with his quirky and loud dialogue delivery. The person playing Silas the albino is pretty convincing.

Overall the movie is fine - essentially a step by step representation of the book; it is able to capture the essence of the story, Certain chase sequences are marvellous and a sprinkling of humourous scenes and the glimpses of famous paintings and the Louvre museum, make for an enjoyable one time viewing. The conspiracy theory and the events pointing to the church are all displayed in flashback during a discussion when it is explained or revealed so to speak. The conclusion leading to the royal blood line of Christ, with Sophie as the latest descendant also happens in a deadpan manner. Some violent and surprise scenes are well choreographed; for example when the albino Silas attacks Langdon inside Chateau Villete - Teabing's residence is electric. The movie tries to portray the contradictions inherent in Christianity and the Church, the Priory of Sion's attempt to protect the great secret and leaves us thinking with the question at the end: "Will a living descendant of Christ among us, help in increasing or decreasing the faith among men" ?

The audio effects - especially the bullets firing are crisp and distinct thanks to INOX's excellent audio system where I watched it. It was a reunion of sorts with ex-colleagues from BEL (including Sudhakar, Praveen, Santosh and Ranjit and a few other fresh faces) on my first visit to Garuda Mall.

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To posit that a greater focus on aspects of the self alienates a human being from the objective of greater good towards the community and mankind at large may not be fully justified, but is definitely the general line of reasoning.

The weeping rikishi (sumo wrestler).


  1. need to watch it yet. And I got no idea abt the story..

  2. Intention was not to give away the story ...