Sunday, December 05, 2004

Motivating factors in a job ...

I had enumerated the following as motivating factors in a job:

Good work - challenging stuff ...
Good friendly people - not challenged with an ego complex ...
Good infrstructure maybe
Good work ethics and mature software practices
Creative assignments - strong team work and focus

Good food too may be (all the discussion started with this ! - See last post)

Further answering the other questions posed:

What is challenging stuff??
Work that makes you think - has twists and turns - rather than just converting requirements into code. Including the brainstorming sessions in a group and design strategies. You are not just assigned something and thats all ... Not brainlessly and repeatedly doing something again and again - eg: lots of GUIs

What is creative work?
Creative would be something that is innovative in its own way - may be new ways of doing things. Learning/discovering/inventing on the job and through mentors about new techniques, new mechanisms, new software and programming practices and continuously being on the forefront of new technology. Also may be extra curricular activities and other exciting and new initiatives from the management. An IP friendly company will push the employees to constantly innovate and patent. Many other things could come under this.

What is good work ethics?
People do not backstab and involve in 'evil' practices, plagiarism, and without mal intent; politics should be less. Where you are rewarded for new initiatives or ideas (renumeration included). Good mentors and great group working. Good HR policies too ... This makes you more readily work for the company with the right conducive atmosphere.


  1. >>Good friendly people, Good infrastructure, Good work ethics and mature software practicesA matter of perspective.
    And sometimes mature software practices can be a pain.

  2. Regarding challenging and creative work, don't have too high expectations. Most of the time you need to motivate yourself to find challenges in the work you do. The work by itself may look uninteresting. You can make it interesting by changing your attitude towards it. Good work environment is subjective. Politics will be there, particularly in India. I can't generalize here, but it depends more on your Project manager and the team you would be working in.


  3. "Mature Software Practices" are a real pain. Ask Sirish, he will let you know about it in a well illustrated manner. I am tired of the practices we are required to follow. Not that I am disouraging you but this is my opinion.


  4. You have defined the terms from an idealistic perspective.Probably you may know that all of them *may* not exist simultaneaously and some of the situations *may* have to be created.Wish you all the best to find your job with the features you mentioned above.