Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Disastrous Tsunami

What actually caused so many deaths - it was not night time; People could swim; People can cling or run from the waves; - was it so rapid or I have no idea about the force of water - fishermen etc can atleast swim; yet such horriying numbers of dead and missing. Death toll is already 80,000 plus overall - 15,000 in India itself. They were swept and drowned ?

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  1. Water does weigh a lot. 1000kg/m^3. So if a huge wave comes crashing on you, chances are that you may not survive the impact. I am not sure how large the waves were, but it did manage to reach hotel rooms on the second floor some distance from the sea. And it does travel fast. So, chances are very less of surviving after seeing the wave.


  2. Ya i agree with ashok, with 10m high water coming in @ high speeds people don't stand a chance no matter you know swimming or not.
    Some small islands in the Andman and nicobar have been completely submerged what chance do people have even if they survive the impact and know how to swim?.

    - Chandan

  3. Ang not to forget the heavy log or cars floating in the washing. When they hit a victim's head, or bring the victim to clash on wall, the chance to survive is indeed.... so sadly to mention.