Wednesday, December 22, 2004


The Software Engineer
Mouse on Gimp, circa 2004.
� Shamit Bagchi

I did this some time back, dabbling with GIMP on Linux.
I gave it the name 'Surreal' first, then changed it to the above name.

Can you guess the meaning of the painting ...


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  1. Look at the present, not the past or future!

    For painting, have a look at Dogwaffle. (Version 1.2 is free). Gimp is more for Image Manipulation(the IM in G'IM'P).


  2. There is an advertisement of IBM that comes on TV often.(probably does not come on DD) Two guys are looking at something on the wall and saying some hi-fi things about it, a person behind them says "It looks like a horse to me". That defines modern art. Strokes, lines all over. Interpretation left to the viewer. I am perhaps an embarassment to my neighbour, when it comes to art. I will be able to interpret your picture(if there is anything left to interpret), if you answer the following questions.
    1)What do the fists in the corners signify?
    2)Why is there a mesh like thing all over?
    3)What is that thing in the center, looks like an eye?
    4)What are cubes/spheres doing in the picture?
    5)What is that bird doing in the center?

    My initial answers( and I am always wrong)
    It's a picture of a bird, which is sitting on a tree, near it's nest(the eye like thing). That mesh-like thing all over: it's a bird in a cage?? What are those pointed fists doing? Showing direction?? Pointed upwards?? You have named the picture software engineer: Well, here's my conclusion:- Software engineers, don't be like that bird locked in a cage. Aim for higher things. But still not able to figure out what those cubes are for.


  3. Nice interpretation guys ...
    As Ashok says its left to the onlooker to interpret mod-art ...

    I had actually thought of a software engineer working all night - suffering a red eye ; running behind the elusive bird of happiness - green bird - greenbacks - ie money ...
    The cubes are the cubes / cubicle spaces.
    The finger/fists are PLs and PMs telling you to do something.
    As the guys's planets are all around - the mesh and all is pure fluff/objects to give an ethereal touch ....

    Thanks Sandy - Ill download Dogwaffle.

  4. Nice thought.Is it your experience or a general one?But I liked the way u haveput your thoughts into the painting.Would like to see more....