Wednesday, July 21, 2004

[ Futurama Redefined ::: Me and my future ]
Future Rama - All loaded with stealth stun weapons and the muscular super-ape in toe.

I wanted to be a writer, a scientist, a paleobiologist, a history scholar, anything; but ended up being a software engineer.
SOFTWARE ENGINEER : (n.) someone who surfs the net at work and checks mail every hour and earns cash for this.

Software engineer = tension (says who ?) - not here where I work.
Dont get the tension up to your head - its so cool out here (where is the AC remote).
As I blogged about the disgust at life, work and stuff - it all seems so foolish now. Why am I wasting precious bandwidth(says who, see what happened to the tech savvy AP Kar and Vajpayee governments).
Tried to boil my blood, instead should have tried to convert my extra flab (loads of it) onto more important things probably brain matter and turned as slim as that Barbie doll my little cousin back in Calcutta has - hey shes going to faint of anorexia.

Just do it - whatever comes take it; take life as it comes ... (what our teacher back in school never taught)

It is the confident person who wins - or atleast it all starts with thinking he will win. It is very essential.
Confidence, over confidence and arrogance are separted by thin lines, and you can get lost among them. Under-confidence is worse - I was stunned how a poor (money?) work environment can make your confidence dip. But I am my own saviour right ? So why blame someone else or something to cover my ______

As I hear innumerable stories of my friends staying up and working for 24+ hours per day I shudder.
Dont kill yourselves guys - 'Have a break' TM - I am serious.
Life is much simpler for me and I can take things more lightly and spend most of my evenings at home reading John Grisham and the like ... (yeah Times Of India - Ascent too)

Coming back to the main issue - I find being a writer would be nice. [Dreaming] The next Amitav Ghosh has arrived.
As I am about to start on my first novel - to be adapted into a serial soon ? As if there arent enough soaps running - Doordarshan is enough I dont know how people survive the character overpopulation in all those cable channels (KKSBKBT something ... I dont know I have only the Net and good ole DD, no cable - more empowered than the masses, see ...)

The future is bright, live on - And yes await with bated breath my scintillating, rivetting, engrossing first novel (la?). Whatever ...



  1. Hey, this post doesn't sound like you. Not the content, but the style. There is an air of casualness in the way you have written it. Your previous posts(even rants) were more serious. Anyway, good luck with your novel...


  2. The term 'Software Engineer' has a lot of assumptions surrounding it. I would rather call myself an 'Engineer'.

    When can we see a draft of the novel?


  3. Hey take it easy - I am yet to start on the novel/novella - just getting some ideas thats all ...

  4. Ashok, as you say maybe casual but I was also attempting humour in this post; what I'd like to know is whether it made you laugh ? ;-)

  5. Well, it sounded casual..not funny...not in the context of your previous posts. Maybe, it is funny in isolation. But that I wouldn't know.