Tuesday, July 06, 2004


- Blog Self Censor :: Deleted last post - was too gross for sensible readers
- Amitav Ghosh's next novel is out - 'The Hungry Tide' - based in the Sundarbans (should be good !).
- Currently reading : Selections from Swami Vivekananda's Complete Works.
- Expect less - Motto of life 'Simple living High thinking'
- Indians are loosing this simple concept mentioned above and hence all the miseries.
- The spiritual development in East has been emphasized and respect/affection for fellow humans is more
Poverty and Purity being the essentials.
- The material aspect has caught on like a bug from the western outlook - which is totally artificial and deadly delusive.
- Indulge yours senses more and the more yours senses will ask for - much much more.
Eg : Get a CTV; then a Flat TV, Then with combo drive/DVD , then HDTV then what not ...
- Spiritual comfort/development >> Intellectual >> Physical ... (LEGEND : >> = greater than)
- Heard of the GAIA Theory ? - the Earth is one big living organism ... Go check it out
- The concept of ethics and morals is essntially being selfless ; Immoral = Selfish
- Be good to everyone - dont be a nuisance to anyone.
The concept of ethics rests on the fact that the whole of this creation has evolved of the same Brahman
So you being bad to someone is as good as being bad to yourself. You or me are only a part of the same whole.
- Simple facts of this world - the Maya that this world is; the playground where humans play with their machines and technology and civilizations are all but the sand monuments that humans build as on a beach.
- Humans are one of the most developed of organisms with the faculty of consciousness not present in any other animal - and hence only those capable of self-realization that which you may be aware of as 'Nirvana'.
- The Western Concept : The Mind exists because there exists a body
- The Eastern Concept : The Body exists for the Mind
- Listening to the old Kishore Kumar melodies - what an eccentric genius he was !

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