Saturday, November 30, 2002

The new series of comments on the website guestbook are welcome Thanks guys . . . Ill look into and follow your suggestions and comments seriously. lookout for changes. A good weekend indeed !

Just finished Razor's Edge by Somerset Maugham - a classic book about the duality in life and everything else. If there is good why is there evil - a moving first person narrative describing both sides of life in a character running through the medley of characters their lifes and vanities from early 20th century Paris and London and a bit of America and India too.
Now Reading (just started) - CONGO by Michael Crichton

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY (Plagiarised from somewhere cant recollect now, cause I liked it) :
You insult me; I feel bad. I insult you; We both feel bad. Better you insult me and we leave it at that.

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