Friday, November 22, 2002

Life has become monotonous, eh! No not exactly I am liking this new schedule (early to bed & early to rise makes a man healthy . . . and wise) - probably my entry into a job after those diverse school and college days makes me react in a certain manner. I would only like to mention that the internet speed at office is indeed amazing - almost 2 Mbps - unknown atleast to me, frankly.
Well I was reading the Amazon Editors' Picks on Digital Culture. Seems like a good list (some technical some social) but I dont know if any of these are good enough in terms of building up a healthy social atmosphere - where you spend more 'quality time' offline than online.
As someone was telling me today that all festivals and festivities are a way of putting aside the daily tensions and dissapointments aside and enjoying the variety of traditional, cultural and social events atleast for that time being.
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Michael Crichton's next novel PREY will be out on 25th Nov.

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