Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Just to mention it here I had tried to install IPv6 (http://ipv6.org)on my system a few months back - I installed the set of TCP/IP protocol software from trumpet.com for Win 98 but hopeless; it did not work - I was able to dial in and get connected with the new set of protocols but none of the sites were opening(including IPv6 ones). Rick had tried and was successful long long back on Win XP. I am stuck with my Win 98 system. Lets see if someone else has been successful on Windows 98 . . . ?

This guy's(NetAhoy) blog seems interesting ! I reached him because he had signed my guestbook.
A list of Indian bloggers is at indianbloggers.blogspot.com - though my blog is missing . . . !

Some disturbing news on Michael Crichton's Prey -> Rick informed me - the book ships on 25th Nov 2002.

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