Thursday, September 26, 2002

Why do humans kill humans?

All the hue and cry from the National Human Rights Commission seems to have died down this time - no response even after two days of the massacre - mad mindless bloodbath. Where is the so-called pseudo-secular front? I am referring to the recent gruesome violence perpetrated by the foreign-trained armed terrorists at the sprawling magnificent temple(though not famous for me; I had not heard about it till this carnage - shows my ignorance) - The Swaminarayan Temple made entirely of sandstone at Akshardham in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Not a word of sympathy from the secularists - since the victims were from the 'majority community' and in India they are always treated in the same manner whether Godhara, Kashmir or otherwise; the media also adds to these partisan views. The reaction should be the same and condemned, when humans lose lives in such dastardly and deplorable acts.
True the clashes after Godhara in Gujarat were tragic and equally inhuman; some of the events (whoever the anti-socials they cannot be left scot-free) inflicted were indigestible - the Kausar Banu incident (I cant describe what happened - find out from Google if you want to) comes to mind - I shudder when I think how men can turn so inhuman, baying for blood of people from another community - just unimaginable.
Human lives cannot be seen with different wavelengths - whether they belong to this community or that. As I was reading in Amitav Ghosh's The Shadow Lines; it is the men who have isolated themselves among invisible boundaries, trying to protect themselves at the cost of others who are not part of that enclosed space within the those imaginary boundaries. Terrorism has been attributed to religion but to ascribe religion as the cause or fomenter of trouble is foolish because religions were created to create a sense of amity or equality among people - every religion preaches its followers to respect followers of other religions and live in peace and harmonious accord - not other way round as some dangerous cliques of each religion have made it out to be and this insidious trend has spread, to several parts of the globe, including India. Terrorism has its roots in the hardcore views of these groups in some religions - who unknowingly cause more damage to their religion's image than uplift it. . Religions as I understand initially came up as a set of practices and activities to purify and sanctify the human minds and give them a sobering effect, to teach all that is good; and to differentiate good and evil and detest from all that is wrong, and most of all to respect life in all forms. Today this has only been wholly misinterpreted.
Some of these groups having their influences on political parties is again a dangerous proposition and can lead to consequences seen in the Gujarat government's inaction during the backlash following the Godhara carnage ( In this horrendous act of violence a train full of Hindus were burnt down - charred beyond recognition). Sentiments will often get inflamed, but sometimes the way media does the coverage adds fuel to fire.
It is not that national or religious sentiments should be thrown to the wind but we must and its absolutely necessary that we take up a more rational and liberal broadminded approach (to understand a fellow human's feelings is the first step towards this) - one of developing an atmosphere of peace, friendship and universal brotherhood. As I was reading somewhere - that when the first photographs were taken of the moon and the Earth together from space - there could be no possibility of recognising borders, forget races, communities or religions etc. A planet inhabited by humans and other species made to share its resources and goodies. Probably the way humans are inflicting damage on Earth and the nature - nature always has its way to maintain its balance - and vanquish the species that tries to conquer nature - not only by natural calamities and disasters but also by sowing seeds of hostility among the very species and its races. The reasoning may be illogical but I feel its true. The whole scheme seems not supernatural but natural or I have not found any better solution to why such things happen OR is it a case of survival of the fittest?

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