Sunday, September 29, 2002

I watched the war classic The Longest Day with a big cast and plenty of war-time action. This is a movie about D-Day (06 June 1944) when the allied (British and American) forces invade France starting from Normandy, Omaha and other beaches - the biggest challenge to the Germans in the World War II. The large scale war scenes are well crafted being very authentic and the mass attack sequences are scintillating. The movie displays the allied strategy with paratroppers landing helped by French resistance groups as diversionary tactics and how the Germans are tricked into thinking it as a small scale commando effort. And then the beaches are invaded by troops from about a whopping 5000 allied warships. The stone wall is blasted using Bangalore torpedo charges. Too much emotion is not mixed up with the realistic depiction of that phase of the war. It ends with a poignant scene when an injured allied soldier mentions, "He is dead(pointing to a German soldier), I am crippled and you (to another soldier froma separate regiment) are lost. This is what happenin a war I guess".
Back to back I started watching Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan; it is almost like a continuation of The Longest Day(at least in terms of the period D-Day plus). Yet to finish it.

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