Friday, September 06, 2002

Finally I got the much awaited Linux drivers for my Rockwell HCF modem
from an initiative by Conexant(nee Rockwell) and Mark Boucher from

Homepage of the Linux drivers for Conexant modem chipsets project!

But my dream of surfing using Linux remains unfulfilled...
This is what happened:
I installed the drivers on Red Hat Linux 7.1 and rebooted.
On getting into KDE a deafening high frequency sound
started blaring out of the speakers - I had installed both the
Riptide and Conexant HCF drivers - so probably the error lay with the sound card settings .
Then using Kmix & Xmix I reduced the sound and volume levels
And then tried to log in using Kppp after getting my ISP's
Primary DSN but after dialling and the connecting sound
Nothing at all - this was after I made the dialling mode as pulse from tone..
The sound just became a constant monotone after that
I got other messages and warnings like
"This facility is not available on your telephone" but it did not connect into the ISP's server.

Later I found the Beta drivers support only Conexant chipsets
and not the older chipsets marked as Rockwell. Sad case ended here.
Hoping for a better future release that supports mine.

Something that seemed illogical to me earlier:
CATCHA algorithms (akin to 'gotcha') is what is used then you try to create an account using
Yahoo (mail etc) - those distorted confusing wavy words are used to restrict automatic registration
by Automated Bots and other programs as humans can easily identify/crack these words but not
computers. But Yahoo is still facing problems with too many registrations.

Had the Farewell lunch today and had a nice time parting with the Engineering classmates.
That's all for today.

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