Tuesday, October 27, 2015

IKEA Response - Glass Tumbler Explodes.

I got the following response from IKEA after the incident: 

However my response would be I underwent this agony after IKEA selling me this untested/defective good (explosive?) and this untoward accident which happened at our premises and might have caused so much more damage. There was hardly any thermal shock - after almost 5-10 mins after pouring water from the tap (cold) the glass exploded with a loud sound and scattered around.

I bought the product thinking it is robust and not so fragile that merely trying to drink water it will explode into pieces. Also IKEA needs to ensure this product is checked/evaluated for safety standards or else any customer could get hurt - knowingly selling this product would amount to willful negligence

As a friend of mine states consider an accident happens with my car due to a fault in the system and I am exposed to danger. Can the car company just educate me and their job is done?  

CE mark, ISI mark etc ensure the quality standard. IKEA is trying to tell it can not be checked better, by that logic in very cold country and very hot country where inside air and outside air there is big temperature gap windows must break, making NO windows (car wind screens) good enough to withstand temp gradient, that is purely unacceptable.

Hello Shamit!

Thank you for your e-mail.

We understand you are worried and concerned over safety risks when using our glass.
Though we need to explain how they are manufactured and what type of glass are being sold on the market.

Here follows a short explanation of the difference between ordinary, non-tempered and tempered glass.

The ordinary, non-tempered glass have thermal shock resistance, sudden temperature change, up to 80° Celsius.
Difference between room temperature of 20° Celsius and boiling water, 100° Celsius.
If broken, it can break in big, sharp pieces that can cause cut and burn injuries. See photo below.

(Breaking pattern of ordinary glass, not tempered)

BUT - tempered glass has higher thermal shock resistance, above 120° Celsius and if broken, it breaks in small square pieces that are not sharp and
do not pose any risk of cut burn or burn injury.

Test result 180° C.JPG
(Breaking pattern of tempered glass)

However, all glass is fragile, including tempered and if exposed to mechanical damage, knocks, scratched or impact, glass can break spontaneously days or weeks after being exposed.
That is why all glass is to be handled with caution and avoid damage at all time. This is not a unique attribute only for IKEA products, but the same no matter which manufacturer.

IKEA have choose to use tempered glass in POKAL to minimize the risk of getting injured if and when POKAL breaks.

We hope this brings some answers to your questions, and you now understand more how glass products works.

If you or your wife sustained injuries and were in need of medical attention, please let us know. You then need to contact your insurance company and have the injuries documented.

You are also welcome to send in the remainings of the glass for investigation to our technicians.
If so, please respond with your full contact details and we are able to help you further.

Kindest regards,
IKEA customer service

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