Tuesday, October 27, 2015

IKEA Glass Tumbler Explodes.

An IKEA glass tumbler (we bought in Gothenburg, Sweden) exploded on our dining table tonight.

We had a few guests at the table and they were having dinner when the glass exploded and shattered into small pieces and minute fragments. It is sheer luck that nobody was hurt.

Cold tap water was poured into the IKEA glass tumbler (which was lying unused inside the cupboard) and was offered to the guests. This happened within 5 minutes after pouring the cold tap water. With a loud thud sound (as if it had been shot), the glass exploded and shattered. People could have been badly hurt because of what happened and such products must not be produced (or procured from sub-standard sources) and sold without proper quality testing.

This was so totally ridiculous, that buying glass products from IKEA will be a risky proposition hereon. I am apprehensive that guests could have been severely hurt and it makes me shudder (what if shards or particles of glass had entered the eyes etc).

The glass is of the same make as in the image below (Product: POKAL Glass) and was bought at IKEA Gothenburg (IKEA Bäckebol):

Images below - After the glass exploded and the pieces shattered and scattered everywhere on our dinner table:

Images above - After the glass exploded and the pieces shattered everywhere on our dinner table.

Update - IKEA has taken cognizance:

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