Monday, April 04, 2011

Emotional-Rational Spectrum.

So if emotions are bad and utility everything, then ideally I should be a robot who executes tasks with zero distraction, I should have perfect control over all parts of my mind and should operate at near optimal efficiency - is that the intent for any human being? The key question remains - what am I trying to achieve - and why am I doing all the tasks that I am doing and with what purpose? Rationality is mere cause and effect and we get bound in myopia if we take that as the only arbiter. Am I an automaton performing tasks, duties and responsibilities earmarked for me and is that the end of it? I think not! Emotions act as triggers, lubricants and contemplation is what leads you to the next level perhaps providing that shift into the next big thing on the path of evolution - individually and as a group activity! Or is it supposed to be a balance as per the autonomous decisions of an individual - what part is rational and cognitive and what part is emotional, sensory, contemplative.

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