Saturday, February 27, 2010

Why I loved 'Avatar'?!!

(Image Courtesy: - From the Oscar Nominees Page)

I may have watched it a bit late - but nonetheless this movie is an epic in every sense of the word.

It is first and foremost such a beautiful movie - and then it's outstanding! It is a sharply political movie too but not in any negative sense. It has a message that reminds us of the havoc and mindless destruction that war causes.

Right from the way it develops - the beautiful forests of Pandora and its creaures and the Na'vi people to the progression with the human WMDs on display!

It highlights the irrationality behind the 'other' people that we so often love to hate/despise - be it racial, religious or liguistic or of any other nature. And rightfully Avatar deserves the Oscars (I am assuming they would have won on 07 March 2010!).

Some people told me it is a pure 3D animation movie and CGI/SFX and all of that without exactly a story - it is not; absolutely not. It is a perfect concoction of thoughful movie making and Cameron as a wise director deserves all the applause!

What we as human are capable of - some of the scenes reminded me of the US attack on Iraq and Vietnam's retaliation against the US - as well as the dialogues: 'we shall fight this terror with terror', 'shock and awe' - all of that! It is such a great combination of story telling, action, special effects and it uses all of the film making's modern wizardry, technical prowess and macho 'Terminator' like bravado to send out exactly the opposite message - no to war.

It's pro-green, pro mother nature and is anti-war. Period.

I was overwhelmed emotionally seeing the movie.

This movie is a lot of money, effort and time extremely well spent.

The premise might have been a bit flimsy (yes it is a film aint it?) of grey metal - Unobtainium or something that humans are behind (sells at $20 M a kilo apparently) - but then on - it is a lot of things well done!

A must watch. Rich, beautiful and with a message very apt for this day and age - timely and hard hitting!

Mother nature's balancing act which is mentioned in the movie seems to be so true.

As a stark reminder, as if 2,30,000 people dying in Haiti quake was not enough - Mother Nature balances further with Chile - 122 already dead in the quake of magnitude 8.8 on the Richter that hit today.

One critic talks of the White Messaiah theory but apart from that angle I found not fault; in a sense a definitive movie of sorts  if not in acting skills, in everything else!

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