Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The end game - death came.

L to R - Me, Granny and Mitul da

The end game - death came.
Took away another name!
Thoughts, memories stay,
The bustle of life eventually replaces the initial dismay!

Time stops, in a trance
Leaping flames eat up the discarded body
As if cleansing or purifying the putrefying
A balm of relief against painful suffering.

Anything that starts, has an end
The road from childhood to a second childhood had many bends!
Now, when the cold numbness meets the searing fire, 
A serene calm greets the burning pyre.


  1. your lines could not have been truer...still reminiscing those days, always a joy

  2. True, a rather painful end to a gutsy life! As someone says an excuse is required to go, and this was the way it was to happen!