Sunday, March 18, 2007


On Friday 16th Mar, met up with AmrutK who was back from the US after some fifteen months or so. Along with him, ChandanB and AshvinM we met at The Forum. Was a short meet, with the roads around Bannerghatta Road showing all its might to the poor Amrut (ask him how severely his riding skills were tested).

Next day, Saturday 17th Mar, met up with the Air Force School, Hebbal junta at the Cafe Coffee Day, Cunningham Road. This was after nearly eleven years, I cannot believe myself, ELEVEN years! NitinP, RajeevK, GovindM, ShambhaviR and me. It was one of the most memorable evenings in a long long time. Memories, jokes, incidents and much more came tumbling out in a burst of laughter and animated talk. Most are still the same – Nitin is as sincere and friendly as ever, with an amazingly sharp memory, Rajeev the straightforward, 'speak-your-mind' type guy with flashes of brilliance, Govind the reclusive ever-smiling genius, Shambhavi, the slightly subdued or is it matured lady now; as against the effervescent, enthusiastic person I remember. Sometimes with the mad rush or just out of pure languor, we get disconnected from the past; as if cleaved apart by the machete of time. Or are those barriers created by the mind? It feels so good to reconnect – lights up the long-ignored regions of memory, the portals open up and the light flooding in evokes great pleasure.

A message that was printed on Rajeev's tee-shirt to end this post:
“To have a great friend, you need to be one !” - Very difficult, but a learning indeed ...

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