Saturday, August 19, 2006

Three Books.

I cannot describe the joy of reading 'The Argumentative Indian' which I am reading since months; ever so slowly as if savouring a delicious dish, bit by bit; but in one of his essay which I am currently reading, he seems to be repeating very common sense things about gender disparity, class hierarchies and their economic effects – that may seem so much mundane for us Indians. Amartya Sen, the economist comes across as more of an analytical mind capable of deconstructing complex issues into social theories and economic ideas.

On the other hand is the economist, Jeffrey Sachs who is an activist non-parallel, the father of the UN Milennium Development Goals with the goal of ending poverty or atleast having mission statements to reduce it to acceptable levels by 2015; which is indeed commendable. With the extensive consultancy and economic turnarounds that he has been able to demonstrate in countries such as Bolivia, Poland etc, which is a part of the other book I am also currently reading 'The End of Poverty' – delving into the reasons for extreme poverty and the application of clinical economics to eliminate the same; these goals too, seem very much achievable.

Also read the short story 'The Mount of Kilimanjaro' by Hemingway; from his short story collection, 'The First Fourty-Nine Stories' - liked its abrupt, hallucination-like ending.

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