Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A genius passes away ...

After a bad day at work, was coming back home; it was past 9 pm, and the cabbie was playing Radio City 91 FM. It was so atrocious with western music especially hip-hop and all those irritating new-age techno forms of music, that I got a severe headache.
Indian music is so much better ......
As soon I reached home, I found Doordarshan was playing a documentary on Ustad Bismillah Khan, who I had heard in the afternoon, had passed away.
What brilliant music, those sweet strains of shehnai, godly, as if speaking a language of its own. And then those sudden variations - so melodious. Cannot describe the sheer joy, trying to keep track of those talas etc, my headache had vanished; I was so intoxicated in the Ustad's magical spell. The intoxication through music is so high, why do people even think of alcohol ???

A genius (Bharat Ratna, 2001) passed away yesterday. A short history here:


  1. Umm...well...I can't agree with you my friend.
    Have you listened to the latest hindi songs...full of hip-hop !!!
    Listen to the 30s to 70s english music and correct me if I am wrong ;)
    As for Alcohol, ummm....well...how else will you get good sleep followed by hangover ;)

  2. The post was a tribute to Bismillah, with a prelude to the point you don't agree with. Try Radio City FM 91 from 9PM onwards and if you do not agree, then our tastes don't match - as simple as that ;-)