Sunday, May 14, 2006

Of words & signals.

The past three days saw a book fair at the workplace, thousands of books on a wide range of topics were on sale. There were discussions, a lecture and a quiz on reading habits and allied topics. There was a strange case of a person who asked a puzzling question - he says he is addicted to buying the best books, but is not able to proceed after reading a few pages; and many other cases and questions that the panel tried to address. Bought a few books from the 'Fountainhead' stall at the fair.

I am having some trouble with the external Dlink dial-up modem (DFM-562E++ - V.92). KPPP is recognizing the modem - but on querying all the parameters are coming back as empty. Upto last sunday it was working fine on Mandrake Linux 10.2 Community. I am hoping the modem has not conked out. My internal modem works fine on Windows 98 - which I am using currently. Windows 98 shows the modem but on trying to query, says it did not respond and says it could be an interrupt issue.

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