Sunday, May 07, 2006

Danger : Keep Away

Keep away from this restaurant at Airport Road called 'Royal Orchid' somewhere in the interior opposite The Leela Palace. Had gone for an official dinner to 'Limelight' @ 'Royal Orchid' on Friday, 5th May, had non-veg food and other stuff, but seems food is served stale and contaminated. God knows what they do - cooking up left over food ? Terrible.
Friday night and Saturday whole day was a cycle of tremendous torment almost torture due to bacterial diarhhoea, watery motions and vomittings. I'll leave out the graphic details ... Things are better after the antibiotics and pain killers.
But the point is it has to definitely be the food served at that restaurant, as even the doc I consulted confirmed.

Currently reading 'My Name Is Red' by Orhan Pamuk, excellent translation from the Turkish novel, which seems to be part murder mystery, part reflections on art and philosophy and much more. Hardly 30 odd pages into this 500+ page book.

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