Sunday, April 02, 2006

A right mix ...

You are what you think.
That is so true. How much of what you are, should be externally demonstrated ?
What about hidden feelings or latent talents ?
I get the point that the world understands what is demonstrated, but that can seem so irritating sometimes; as if I am playing to a crowd and all the world's a stage !
What about changing attitudes - it gets affected by this 'visible is right' - a faulty system of judgement, as this can make someone pretend or act out, even though he/she may not be what he is projecting, or doesn't like what he is supposed to be; but needs to fit into the circumstances. Its a clear tradeoff between choice and circumstances along with societal demands that decides what one does or achieves, atleast in most 'normal' cases. But true achievers are not a subset of the 'normal' or is there an overlap ?
There is no straight-jacketing achievers, however the trend is interlinked with 'wealth' someone possesses. I am not saying that is the only criteria; it is one of the most 'visible' indicators of achievement in today's materialistic society. However true talent may have nothing to do with wealth - some musicians and great artists live and die in penury; giving glimpses of the other extreme. Both going hand in hand would probably be the best route. A right mix of practicality and creativity - not being completely oblivious of worldly pursuits or being 'street smart' as they say.
Being true to one's actual self is above all, much more important in my view; given that the person has decided the path to tread in future. Taking that as the goal and a duty, to pursue it heart and soul.

A poem LINEAR - an outflow of the same thought stream ... [Poetic Injustice]

Currently reading a book called 'The Master Strategist - Power, Purpose & Principle' by Ketan Patel.
Also started 'The Argumentative Indian' by Amartya Sen - an excellent book, from the outset.

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