Sunday, October 30, 2005

Very colourfully black !

Even though a bit too melodramatic, 'Black' is a good movie that I just finished watching a few minutes back. The girl (Ayesha Kapur) who played the younger Michelle gave an excellent performance! Rani Mukherjee is definitely a good actress (not just a dumb pretty face) no doubts on that, and as Debraj, a stellar performance by Amitabh Bachhan, even though overacting at times, more towards the beginning – he is best towards the end.


The movie is anything but subtle. The colours in the movie are brilliant and a bit too much variation ie jarring to the eyes - as I said anything but subtle. Dhritiman Chaterjee who is a renowned bengali actor as usual superb and controlled acting as the blind and deaf girl's father; also the lady playing the role of the mother has done the emotional role well, only sometimes seeming a bit too joyous.
All in all a very good movie and well directed and choreographed by Bhansali - offbeat and away from the usual fair.
My Rating 4/5 – the two lead actors stand a good chance to get awards next year, since the movie was released somewhere in the beginning of 2005 if I am right.


  1. Loud and jarring it definitely was!! I detested the way in which Bhansali has exploited the handicap to evoke reactions from his audience. I felt used!!!

  2. Hmmm now that I see it from your perspective, it was yes - exploitation - melodrama as I said, however the girl has done an amazing role.