Tuesday, October 25, 2005

For those who have a conscience left.

Watched 'Swades' on the PC last weekend, courtesy a friend's borrowed CD. Shahrukh Khan has given a very natural performance and the topic chosen along with the direction is a sincere effort from Ashutosh Gowarikar.

The first part is excellent; though the second part is a bit patchy with the screenplay – some of the scenes and songs suddenly appear and seem disconnected. The central theme of the movie is about how a successful NRI scientist goes back to India works in a village for sometime trying to fulfill the villager's hopes and aspirations ; feels the call of the nation and his conscience and eventually gives up a lucrative post with a foreign organisation (NASA).
Depicts the rural underdevelopment in India and how every wealthy and well to do Indian needs to feel for and actively participate and do something based on his capacity; to alleviate the poverty and the lack of basic empowerment - power and education so these actually start percolating down to the masses. It has a very positive message and the screenplay is sans any kind of flash and false pretense. People have called it preachy and a long moral story; atleast it attempts to address this subject in a direct way; which is purposefully being glossed over and ignored.
The songs thanks to A R Rehman are excellent. All the lead roles were pretty competently enacted. Overall Rating : 4/5. Was not a success with the moviegoers – expected isnt it ? Why bother with this conscience stuff ? Who cares anyway ...


  1. Just in case you didn't know, the movie is based on a kannada novel authored by Satyu.I liked the movie, except for the last 1/2 hour where everything was so predictable.

  2. No I did not know. Thanks for the information !

  3. Only thing that bothers me regarding the movie is that we still wait for a NRI to do wonders... We as individuals have potential to create efficient pockets of good work.... a little bit of nurturing will bring it to a bigger level...

  4. Fully agree Sundeep - that was the way the director chose to represent the direction youth should take. What you have done in real life, is a good example. Probably we are a still searching for ways to contribute.

  5. Certainly it is a very touching movie..I watched it on the way back from Miami and I was very eager and happy to return to India...