Thursday, June 02, 2005

Back From Dead - Inside the Subhas Bose Mystery (contd.)

From: Anuj Dhar <anuj.dhar__at__gmail_dot com>
Date: Jun 2, 2005 2:11 AM
Subject: Re: Back From Dead - Inside the Subhas Bose Mystery (contd.)
To: Shamit Bagchi <shamit at_gmail__dot__com>

Should we close down all cases in case we are not able to resolve them
in time? Why are we still probing journalist Shivani Bhatanagar's
murder? It's been 5-6 years. And what;s the fuss about 1965 war leak.
It's been 40 years. We should look into future. I dont understand the
logic people give.

Let commission's report come...everyone will now how "futile" Justice
Mukherjee's probe has been.

there was no crash in 1945. there is no evidene that Bose and General
Tsunamasa Shidei visited Taihoku on 18 August 1945. TAiwan Govt told
me and later told Commision that they have many records. these records
show other crashes but there is no evidence of any crash involving
Netaji...I have not made my case just on this. I have seen
intelligence reports and quoted from them. Bose was spotted in Saigon
after his death by an american correspondent.

Yes, the commissions's inquiry was almost sabotaged ... but pressure
had better.  Yes, we need to know where and how he died. In Taiwan, In
Russia or...

"close associates had confirmed his death" WHo do you mean? habibur
rahman Khan? I have quoted from Rahman's interrogation reports. They
say he was lying. Apart from him there was no one around in taiwan.

"You would have done much more research"

Yes I have.

"certain conspiracy theories on how Jawaharlal Nehru.."

Nehru's role, evidence shows, is most negative.

"The Congress government also..."

There is no diference between the two. Congress was hostile from day one.


  1. Dear Mr Dhar, I have three questions here to ask you, one is that I came to know that the Justice MK Mukherjee Commission probing the disappearence of Netaji has been extended by Govt of India, is that True. If it is true my next question is whether The Commission will visit Russia and if they do so would they have both India and Russian Govt approval to have access to KGB documents and Presidential archives

  2. Hi Sarat

    1.Under pressure from several quarters, including some exerted by yours truly, the Govt on 5th May decided to extend the commission's tenure for another 6 months. This was major victory has the Union Cabinet had earlier decided to not to give any extension to the commission and had thereby almost sabotage the inquiry.

    2.The commission needed the extension to visit Russia and Vietnam and on 10th June they will announce what has been happening on this front.

    3. The commission wont get any access to the archives mentioned by unless the Govt of India makes a request at the highest level. This wont happen until they are pressurised by either media, courts, politicians and people. The first three have lost interest in the matter it is now upto us to raise the matter. For that more and more people must be made aware of the facts. I have been making efforts and I will be thankful to you if you study the following beta site and send its link to as many people as you can.


    Anuj Dhar

  3. Hi Mr Dhar,

    I am closely following the events of the Mukherjee Commission. I came to know that the Mukherjee Commission is going to Russia for 10 days. Has Mr MK Mukherjee got the Govt approval to see the KGB and presidential files. I live in the United States, if there is anything that I can do, I would feel proud, would you(Anuj Dhar) also accompany Mr MK Mukherjee in his trip to Russia. All the very best in your investigation, let the country finally know the fate of its greatest son.

    Jai Hind

  4. This is a very interesting thread of discussion out here. Lets wait and watch for results out of the commission's trip to Russia.
    The KGB was installed during WWII itself ? Or are the files under their control now ?

  5. Dear Anuj,

    As far as I know, the Russian Govt would only cooperate with the commission only if there is a request for releasing the KGB papers from the Indian Govt, but with the attitude that the Indian Govt has shown uptill now it seems hard that the Indian Govt would make such a request. But I still wish that this mystry of Netaji, Subhash Bose is settled once and for all.

    Jai Hind Sarat