Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Back From Dead - Inside the Subhas Bose Mystery (contd.)

From: Shamit Bagchi
Reply-To: Shamit Bagchi
To: Anuj Dhar

Yes that is true - The Mukherjee Commission was almost terminated last month.
Even Supreme Court of India termed it futile.
May be he is not alive now - but may be he did not actually die in the 1945 Taiwan plane crash as claimed/reported.
Though one of his close associates had confirmed his death.
You would have done much more research; I cannot say much as i am not very knowledgeable on this.

But i have heard of certain conspiracy theories on how Jawaharlal Nehru may have been involved in leaking Netaji's whereabouts to Lord Mountbatten; as someone who had typed the letter has come out as a witness.

The Congress government also, does not seem to be very open on this issue.

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