Thursday, February 17, 2005

To Kill A Mockingbird

Started reading this week, 'To Kill A Mockingbird' by Harper Lee. It is the best book I have read till now, (earlier it was 'A Clockwork Orange', and 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'; in the classics category); the way imagery has been captured is just amazing at that time (1960) its as if you were watching a movie about a little girl as she grows up. The way people behave in her neighbourhood; along with her brother, and her father, a lawyer fighting for the rights of blacks, when the black and white divide was still rampant.
I have read about half the book and I am enjoying this, like I havent done with so many books, for a long time ... It strikes a chord, right with my heart, an amazing classic. Lovely. Sometimes serious, conveying a message; and simultaneously humourous with a subtle humour at every step. Its a novel I would have loved to write. Highly recommended !


  1. Yes I guess the movie was also a super hit - Gregory Peck ended up getting his first Oscar, for Best Actor category.

  2. Read Lord of the Rings.After i read it, I don't think feel any other book is good THAT good anymore.