Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Thinking of switch from Desktop to Laptop

Planning to sell off my PC - It was a HP Pavilion which cost me a whopping amount of about 65K (INR) when I bought it back then in Jan 2000.

With an
  1. Intel Pentium III 450 MHz processor with MMX technology
  2. 100 MHz FSB
  3. Chipset Intel 440BX/100,
  4. 192 MB RAM,
  5. 40 GB Seagate HDD,
  6. along with an nVidia Riva TNT graphics card with 8MB VRAM.
Further details here :
HP Pavilion PC Model 8505 (AP) - Product Specifications

One of my colleagues suggested putting an ad on FreeAds, I am planning how much to specify as the selling price (Negotiable though). Any idea guys. Would 15-20K be appropriate. Or sell the parts separately ?

I am thinking of a laptop next - any idaes what would be a good deal ?
I recently saw a IBM ThinkPad model for about something like 55K (INR) - Intel Celeron Mobile 2.2 GHz, 256MB DDR SDRAM, Combo drive etc etc ...

Or should I go for an AMD processor based system ? Guys suggest something.
I would not like to spend too much - some brands are available for 35K - this time I dont want to shell out more without any purpose (for their shipping charges/brands) !
How about other brands (including Indian ones) - HCL, Toshiba, Acer, Zenith etc etc ?

Any other suggestions are welcome.


  1. why do you want to switch? You may have to go for a lesser configuration than what you currently have. You may not be satisfied with it's performance. On the other hand upgrading your existing system with a faster CPU and truckloads of memory will be cheaper.


  2. Its portable and be carried anywhere isnt it ...
    Also the processor has become slow - in terms of current applications - some may not even run !

    But certainly I will not go for a Celeron; that was just a example I had cited (ThinkPad). What do you say?

  3. A laptop with the same specs as a desktop is definetely costlier. If you need the mobility provided by the laptop, then the thinkpad you quote is a good one.
    Just think ahead of a normal usecases of the comp to decide which one to buy.

  4. Hey was that Sandeep or Ashok ?
    I think I have shelved the idea - only one think bothers me : the P3 processor's speed remains at 450 MHz ... ! What can be done otherwise it will involve changing the motherboard etc etc.
    I was thinking of the mobility too ... Ill reconsider.

  5. That was me, Sandeep.
    It takes two clicks to just get to the comment page in blogger if you are not logged in. One to say you want to post and another to post anonymously! I am usually logged into lj and hence do not have to put my name in the post itself.
    Shamit, why don't you shift to lj? The one feature I like is the email notification I get when someone posts a comment or replies to a posted comment.