Saturday, January 10, 2004

To Maharashtra and back.

Just back from Nashik and Pune after a week on official duty ......
During onward journey in 2 Tier AC, we were thrown out at Dharmavaram on 3rd Jan 'cause I and a colleague were under waiting list.
Then came back to Bangalore and went by a Volvo semi-sleeper bus coach on 4th Jan upto Pune.
The travel in bus was not very eventful with two long tunnels on the Bangalore - Pune ? Highway; the first one is long and lit up with electric lights all through the length of the tunnel. The bus as such gets 70/100 marks for comfort from my side. Trains are certainly more comfortable.
Pune to Nashik in some private bus.

Work (testing of hardware and software and successful interfacing of certain devices and equipment) at Army camp (School of Artillery) Deolali on 6th 7th and 8th. Other people had started off their work on 5th itself.

Visited the Sai Baba ashram at Shirdi too on 8th Jan!
The Ashrama has a Darshan Sthan akin to the Tirupati Darshan with an imposing marble figure of the Baba in sitting posture, with some amazing brass and silver filigree and sculpture work all along the ceiling. Then there is the enclosed tree where the Baba used to sit, now a shrine and the mosque where the Baba used to meditate now a holy place for both hindus and muslims - true religious harmony. There is also a fire burning there in the interior of the mosque which was supposedly lit up by a miracle by the Baba.

Came back via Indian Railways... Coimbatore Express on 9th Jan 10 pm.

Food on the trip we took to a minimum extent to keep out germs and maintain stomach ailments away; as travel and food always seem to be rivals for me.
The hotel we stayed at in Nashik � The Panchavati Yatri was also quite good.
Had a good time. Stay was fine - temperatures are not too extreme there, just as in Bangalore.

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