Saturday, January 10, 2004

India Rising - Returning to the golden ages...

India is surely on the path of resurgence - no doubt about it and will reach on to a greater position of strength this new year ! Certainly apart from the Gujarat riots, the BJP led National Democratic Alliance's five (plus one) years tenure has had lots of positive facets as it is working hard to raise the economic, strategic and domestic image of India and raise the standard of living of the citizens of India. From a passive observer, it has gone on to forge active ties with USA, China, Israel etc. etc. flexing its muscles when required (remember the manner in which Pokharan was done (NTK - something that seems impossible in India) - CIA and USA first time came to know something from Media ! ). The morale and spirits of people as a whole in the country is certainly high at this time and not a false high this time around.
With such passionate visionaries like our scientist President (A P J Abdul Kalam) and our poet Prime Minister (Atal Bihari Vajpayee), Mission 2020 (India turning into a developed nation) will be a dream come true.


- Our GDP growth rate this year is 7% + (projected)
- Foreign exchange reserves are at 102 billion + USD
- The major stock exchange BSE (Bombay stock exchange) stands at a never before high of 6200+ points
- The telecom connectivity density has gone up to record levels.
- The Golden Quadrilateral National Highways Project has injected a surge in the number of vehicles on Indian roads

And many more things that I am not aware of ...
Let us get some more statistics guys !

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