Friday, February 14, 2014

Nights' Sunshine

Leaves, shed at winter's end,
Fell in droves on the windshield of my car that morning!
They reminded me of those moments
Since we met,
When we were not together!
One by one the leaves rained on;
Yellow and dry, Like those moments
When I wanted to be beside you!
But couldn't...
And now having left dusk behind
After the day's office grind.
Of some pang the memory of those leaves remind;
I speed up, the engine lurches,
As does my heart, wanting to be home
Now - at warp speed;
So it could be in your company.
A sudden flash of that shady tree.
Lush green leaves. Intact.
And when I reach home
In the dead of the night,
I see sunshine,
Forever mine!

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