Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mindgames: Emulate the Lord!

If he can play, why can't I?
He has the world as his playground,
I have my little life! And my emotions.
Let me dedicate my life to his game!

He builds and destroys at will;
I cannot be as versatile, but can't I try?
He accepts and rejects my desires and wishes.
Likewise I play on: synthesize and rip apart!

Outrage yes I play with outrage!
Suprise myself and others.
Like source, like channel!
Follow in his footsteps!

There are good players and better players!
All that you come across are your playthings.
Sometimes you get bruised, injured, sometimes you team up;
Sometimes you compete, rules change as do his seasons!

Emulate him. Game on!
As he plays with us, join in!
Earn points, karma whatever. Dive Deep.
Or play at the surface if you wish to!

Play and see, there is nothing to lose.
Nothing to win. It is all a game and
Serious or frivolous - all the same.
It is all in the game!

Life as it were, would make no sense if not viewed as some sort of a game - 'leela' as it is referred to in religious philosophy! It is a game of constant change and reinventing yourself! Otherwise life itself would be so banal and insipid, boring even ...

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  1. Well said. I agree.
    Another game: To investigate if it's indeed a game or is it something more serious. The good thing is: playing is winning!