Sunday, July 03, 2011


'AGNT22643001-AGNT22643200 - FLYBACK. 19:56 HRS. MOSQ06052025-ASSAULT-OP-OVERANDOUT. STAT: TRGT ELIM' flashed on the screen.

It was June 2025. An unusually humid evening among the shrubs in an arid, parched land. The Al Quaeda mastermind Bin Saleh sat holed in, in his well hidden balcony. The walls in front of him were 12 feet tall, he was hidden from anybody's view from the outside. He heard a few buzzing mosquitoes. One or two landed on his neck. Before he could squash them he collapsed on the floor and lay there motionless! That evening news spread on all major news channels that Saleh had been terminated.

The year was 2025, 2001 seemed like the distant past. The scale of the attack in 2021 had been much larger. It was called Flame Down - actually The Statue of Liberty had been hit. The new mastermind was being hunted for, like the olden days.

In 2011 when Osama had been at Abottabad there had been a radar evading Apache helicopter based operation. With a few dozen Navy seals who went into Osama's mansion and took him and his associates down. Bin Saleh was a much more elusive personality, undercover since Iran and Pakistan had been neutralized back in 2018. His presence was only betrayed by the few Youtube videos that his supporters would release. Nabbing Saleh had been a very difficult proposition.

The suspicion was as usual on Pakistan. However an operation like 2011 was no longer necessary thanks to a new technology that an Indian inventor Vir Amar Chatterjee and his team had developed. It was codenamed Mosquadrone. It was back in his home town Kolkata that Vir Amar had flash upon this idea. Later at MIT Labs he brought it into reality after being funded through a DARPA contest. The high secret project had immediately been sanctioned after about an year of the 2021 terror attacks.

Actually Vir Amar was sitting in his apartment balcony back one day in 2019 when the idea hit him, actually bit him! Too many mosquitoes - he could no longer sit here, he thought to himself and then when he went inside he found a sting still hurting. That is when an idea flashed in his mind, the sting had venom or could even have a lethal dose! And the mosquitoes were small. The next day he prepared a small report on what he thought could be achieved.

This mosquito that bit Saleh was a nano assembly and it could be controlled using very low power equipment from nearby areas. Near invisible and very small the size of a real mosquito. The sting of the flying nano bot was actually a lethal dose of cyanide. And there were not just one but a squadron of these mosquito drones (Mosquadrone) that transmitted a video image of the area they were flying in.

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