Thursday, June 02, 2011

Operation Fast-Until-Death.

  • Imagine a scenario where,  as most often is the case, the entire team of India Against Corruption is in one place - Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan, Shanti Bhushan, Santosh Hegde, Kiran Bedi, Swami Agnivesh and others. 
  • My fear is the initiative he has launched is going to threaten many high profile people not only in politics but also in the underworld and the corporate world with substantial clout and the will to stoop to any level - overt or covert.
  • And seeing what happened to one of the people who spoke against A Raja - Mr Bachha who's suicide note was not very convincing!
  • Imagine now one of the parties (not political) threatened by the IAC movement plots a very unique way of eliminating the members in one stroke! 
  • Or in the garb of a terrorist strike. 
  • From what I observed this entire IAC group moves around without too much security cover. And to reiterate they (the IAC team) are all mostly together ... and they do not have the necessary level of security as on date. 
  • Baba Ramdev has commandoes and it serves him right as he is fighting a battle against real big and bad goons - the black money racketeers. 
  • Chilling? Far-fetched? 
  • No. Very much in the realm of the possible ... And what if the ruling and the opposition parties collude to get this done? Since the Jan Lokpal Bill is in the long run going to make them all wash their hands from looting the public exchequer and cut off their kickback routes.
  • Imagine what can then happen if the people go berserk and are out on a violent revolution. Emergency is declared?
  • Till now the IAC movement is not such a big threat to the corrupt as the Govt is pussyfooting on all the major issues related to MPs and judiciary. Also the impact is being questioned by many as loopholes are always there to be exploited. Several sceptics even dismiss it as tamashaa. But soon it may not remain so ... 
  • Once the threat is real to those whose lives depend on the money flowing in from corruption the counter-threat becomes real too!


  1. That's insightful. I do feel that's a real threat to any revolution.
    I don't consider it a tamaasha, but am still sceptical. I am apprehensive that underneath these revolutionary steps might lie an oversimplified conception of the problem.
    At least, it should be thought of as a first step, not the end, of a long journey towards cleansing the system. The end of the journey will be marked when it will become a natural thing for every Indian to maintain his honesty and not bypass the system whenever possible. This'll take a long time. We should be patient.

  2. Agree! I actually saw the entire team at IIM Bangalore the other day interacting with us all. So the security angle later came to mind ...