Thursday, December 23, 2010

A social animal cannot survive social isolation!

Almost exactly an year since I came out of the formal, corporate world. This calls for a lot of patience and perseverence, test of strength to not get allured into going back again. Some things are not working out because of my way of operating, will rectify that in the new year!!

It will be difficult to paint the corporate world all dark, there is money in there, although after a while the work gets routine, and there is lack of autonomy and you got to do what someone says. However the social scenario is better, you meet people on a more constant day to day basis and gather and develop stronger friendships etc! The human psyche is strange - can swing from extreme to extreme... The need is for a different type of an organization!

A social organization with greater independently work and Dhonuk in a way is trying to build exactly that - as artists are themselves creative folks and work best and produce quality art without any pressure or forced productivity gains. However things cannot be entirely virtual/online - that reduces the human touch; based to some extent on the example of other similar organizations. And humans by definition are social animals and cannot remain disconnected for long - that I have realized...

One thing that I am realizing is that social isolation can be as a killer, in a researcher/entrepreneur role (it has a potential to overwhelm you if you get reclusive) - it is truly depressing at times... No jokes!

Will need to get back to my old social self. True wish for the new year 2011.

Also it is strange that a course such as REIL (IIMB) that extols the virtues of entrepreneurship is actually making me question my very basis or foundations of my convictions and think sometimes even critically of entrepreneurship and my way of execution - which can become key in making or breaking. It is also about my commitment that is at stake due to a wavering mind.

It needs a lot of courage to question your very basis for life, rethink and realign your life and I am no coward!

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