Saturday, November 20, 2010

'Shopping Mall Therapy' works!

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'Shopping Mall Therapy' works!
Binging on McD's - CHICKEN INSIDE, 
Browsing books and mags in book BARS! 
MAGAZING at Vidya Balan in some hot attire...
Green shiny blouse, lovely white saree. Heartthrob!
Gaping wide eyed at Apple showroom goodies, 
SO MANY movies and movie tickets... 
Guzaarish - Aish looks cool, smoking hot!
And then there's a LOT :D 
And I remember once 
We had done 'observation studies' 
At a nearby mall,
Part of some design project:
People checking out stuff, 
Shopping, Window shopping, yakking...
Queues, Queue lengths, Consumer behaviour!!
Glazed looks, hyper kids. 
New age thrill. Shiny lights.
Couples walking around like zombies, 
Airtel promoting its new logo with RED colored contests ... 
Had fun, have fun! Go again.
It's the sensory experience stupid! 
And the glassy plastic, metallic energy! 
That's why 
'Shopping Mall Therapy' works!

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