Sunday, July 18, 2010

A true Art Connoisseur

Visit to Dr H K Kejriwal's residence – a fabulous art experience!

The research on cultural entrepreneurship we are conducting at IIM Bangalore is indeed fortuitous and enlightening for me as we understand the art world dynamics; and add to it the fact that we are getting to meet, interact with and interview some of the best folks in the field and the business of art. 

We had been to Dr H K Kejriwal’s residence today– founder of Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat, me and my research associate colleague. What a treasure trove of art it is – just fantastic. From works of Amrita Sher Gill, Abanindranath Tagore, Jogen Choudhury, to intricately done Buddhist thankas, murals from 3 BC, sculptures and Chola bronze works, Dancing Ganesha to I don’t know what else; cannot recollect all of them now. Stacks and bookshelves full of books on Art all along the walls. Porcelain cutlery, antique wine glasses, heads of temple figures, Buddha, abstract sculptures - many, many more artistic jewels. Loved the bronze sculptures of Ajit Chakraborty. 

The experience was just visceral and sheer joy - very fulfilling for me. The man himself is very energetic at eighty five and as my legs started aching going through the collections after two hours of walking around and explanations by HKK, he went on eager as ever. He has an evolved aesthetic sense having done the entire interior design himself. He is crazy about Rabindranath Tagore (and Mahatma Gandhi) and had many letters of his, could recite poetry of the Indian bard-poet with great emotion in clear Bengali – having stayed in Calcutta for almost forty years of his formative life, all the while himself to no end praising the poet and and his expressions. From the current industry state, players, insider news and the whole gamut of things we discussed apart from seeing the collection for almost eighty percent of the time. 

A passionate man - believing in beauty and pride in Indian relics and the intellectual prowess, learn-ability and adaptability of Indians. The range of topics that Dr H K Kejriwal could expound on was quite extraordinary and his boundless energy and verve quite unfathomable! Inspiring that we are able to meet him as part of our research endeavour.

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