Wednesday, December 03, 2008


After those extra classes, that too on a Saturday evening; 'imagine' - numb brains yet charged up minds!! Discussion time folks...

Amit Bhalotia is explaining something in great detail, observe Karthik like the perfect disciple - listens... D'Souza (green T) is at his argumentative best. Naufal is like having fun, and absolutely oblivious - Parashar starts texting his girlfriend. :)

Shashidhar is not bothered, he concentrates on checking the % complete of his movie downloads from Spidi.

The discussion gets more intense, Karthik starts to expound his hypothesis. I get Naufal distracted with my mobi-cam/my antics. As others listen, Parashar continues to exchange messages with his girlfriend... ;) ;)

Ah! I have got the pack disturbed, but look at the concentration level of Bhalotia - he goes on and on ..... :)

Far from the maddening crowd -Get Away! I am too saturated to discuss any more....