Sunday, June 22, 2008

Awesome Twosome.

Phew! The last two days went by like a storm.

Demand - supply curves, balance sheets with assets and liabilities and SWOT analysis related to case studies including one on Robin Hood's predicament kept me busy these last two days @ IIMB along with a biz domain Fun Day celebration – an evening full of fun @ office which I co-hosted (master of ceremonies) along with a colleague.

Awesome fun it was on Friday with the evening @ Radiant Resorts off Banerghatta Road – we conducted several contests, karaoke rounds, individual talent rounds including singing, skits, a superb group dance performance and much more! It ended with a dinner and an open dance floor which left everyone exhausted by the end of the day. Ended up winning the funkiest dress (thanks to a colourful kurta) and the best singer awards (thanks to the romantic number 'Kehna Hai' by Kishore da from the movie Padosan).

Addressing a few members, say ten is boring, whereas chatting or conversing with a single person or a group is fun, addressing a hundred or two or more of a captive audience is an absolute pleasure – that's what I was able to figure out! It is when you get the crowds all charged up and energized it truly feels great! You feel an energy feedback happening with the crowd and you too get recharged. The noisy crowd cheering, or answering back all add to the burst of energy and vibrancy.

New friends and the long hours of classes - waking early (5 hours of sleep on both days) and studies have catapulted life into an entirely different orbit. I am enjoying every bit of this experience or shall I say every page of those scary-looking, thick textbooks and every idiosyncratic move of the professors and their unique and yet effective pedagogies!


  1. Looks like someone is rocking, both "in" the school and outside it! :D Keep it up!

  2. hi Shamit, Happy to know about your school at IIMB & you were always talented.. Good to see you having fun @office @IIMB... less sleep ... more work day in day out.. I guess it is fun & you shall relish these days later as hard work always pays off.. who knows better than me :))

    take care
    harish chhaparwal.

  3. Hey thanks, Harish!!! Hope you are enjoying your share of the hard work too ... :D

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