Saturday, April 12, 2008

The IIMB PGSEM faculty interview.

The IIMB PGSEM ( faculty interviews went something like this:

Professors M & F seated on one end of a large roundtable; I am seated across them. Date: 11 April, 2008, Time: 2:30 PM sharp.

Q: So … Tell me about yourself (Most standard Q)

Mostly spoke about acads, work, and project.

Q: How has your role changed from Deputy Engineer (in BEL) to Team Lead (currently).

I explain architect’s role, leading technical decisions and volunteer, initiative driven approach also communications focal in the domain etc. Also about how stringent avionics software development needs to be adhering to the FAA standards etc. So the path is always testing to development to design and it takes sometime to go ahead.

Q: How will the course help you?

I mention strategic management here, going ahead.

Q: What do you understand by strategic management?

I give a generic answer here.

Q: Why don’t you pursue the full time course?

I say stuff like applying the knowledge right away, more experienced classmates etc.

Q: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I mention entrepreneurship, and strategic consulting.

One Prof (Prof F) snaps back: What’s with entrepreneurship – everyone in our generation speaks about this, is it a fad or do you mention just for the interviews; almost everyone seems to mention this. Is it seen as a psychological advantage? (Something to the tune…)

I try to handle this by saying entrepreneurs open new pathways, drive innovation and generate employment, which is very essential for a developing country like ours.

Prof F doesn’t seem very convinced.

Q: Two achievements in life, anything … (I mention one academic, one work life related)

Q: How will you manage time for the part time course along with your work – many from your organization (Honeywell) have done it – what did you learn from them?

Q. Tell me about your family.

Q. I had mentioned Jeffrey Sachs in some SOP essay (5 essays in all) – so some grilling on that. I mention Prahalad's BOP too here (overkill??).

Q. There was a question on a specific Excellence Award I had mentioned.

Most others had questions on academics – my acad. records being decent, I luckily had no Qs on that front.

All in all a nerve wracking experience and I am left without a clue, the process got over in twenty minutes – and the outcome (Good or Bad I have absolutely no idea) will be known once the results are out.