Sunday, December 31, 2006


Like the eye of a storm;
The silence held,
dripping like blood,
Only a while it stayed.

And then the silence was gone.
It was torn apart,
By a pack of wolves,
So immense and horrific.

Peace, in shreds.
The blood dripping.
He begged of them,
They payed no heed.

They howled and laughed,
And carried away chunks
Of his flesh, in their mouths,
Red in greed, and malice

He heard his every cell
Shriek in pain,
He was going to fall apart.
He tried to choke his scream,

He had killed his dream.
Only for a while,
He hit back at the beasts,
And tried to flee.

Then he picked them up
His own body parts.
He started eating them,
Was he consuming himself ?

He had prayed to thee.
Did you hear him ?
Could you see ?
Was he consuming himself ?

Were those beasts inside him ?
Or were they outside his existence ?
To put himself together;
He had to consume the self.

From beasts to angels
They had transformed.
None can consume himself,
He had only consumed his ego.


  1. finally the comment page has loaded and I can put my thoughts almost lost... why don't you blog in LJ ?

    Was that CONSUMING THE SELF being referred to the Noida incident and the pack of dogs that attacked a small girl here ?

    Its a crazy world out there...
    ps: I forgot my blogger login :(

  2. I am comfortable with Google's Blogger service. With reagrds to your query on the poetry it has more to do with internal conflicts raging inside everybody. However, the horrendous Noida incident finds its separate and rightful space here: