Thursday, October 26, 2006

Brush Strokes - Excuse me, as I take up the brush ...

Well thats more like a cartoon, seriously I should be doing cartooning ;)
Tried my hand at water colours after a loooong while - just to see the effect :)
Was actually triggered by this cute kid right in front of my house,
who was playing around with his toy pistol during Diwali !
Whether a cartoon or the simplest of watercolours whatever you feel, feedback welcommen ...



  1. Beacuse, I can draw a bit, I think I can give you some tips on painting and drawings. Work more on the nuances of your skethces. E.g. the way the kid is holding the toy pistol,the Kids right sock etc. On the painting side, the sky is very dull and gloomy....Kids are happy souls, so I would definitely not have dull colors (unless there is a genuine reason to do so). What say??

  2. Valuable comments Naveen, will take care of the nuances as I do things more often. This was more of a half-hearted effort (and thats a bad excuse ... ;)).